daisy chain necklaces

Family Birthstone Jewelry in a Modern Daisy Necklace

As a child, you may have strung together daisies and adorned yourself with them. Our daisy chain celebrates that innocent childhood pastime, with daisies to symbolize the people in your life, the years of a relationship, or just because you like the look. The Swarovski crystal accents are available in birthstone colors for each month.

Each daisy is ~0.5" in dia. with 1 to 9 rings. Each modern necklace is available in 16", 18" or 20" lengths.

Onesie daisy necklace
Twosie daisy necklace
Foursie daisy necklace
Fivesie daisy chain necklace
Sixsie daisy chain necklace
Sevensie daisy chain necklace
Eightsie daisy chain necklace
Ninesie daisy chain necklace