Labyrinth maze pendant with cord

Labyrinth maze pendant with cord

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Feel compelled to fidget? Or just like to have a little fun with your jewelry? This high-polished solid stainless steel pendant will certainly amuse you then it's complete with a black ion-polished maze marker to take through the pathways. (If you get caught playing with it during a meeting, don't blame us!)

Each pendant comes on a hand-knotted waxed cotton cord that can adjust from approximately 16" to 28" in length and comes with one maze-marker. Additional maze-markers can be ordered with the pull-down menu.

Size: About 1.7" dia x 1/8"

Comes with one maze-marker. Want extras?
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Price: $76.00

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Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1sGreat way for kids to channel their energy
 By Maranda
 I bought this for my 'tween' son who has ADHD. Not only does he think it's really cool, it's a socially acceptable way for him to channel his energy when he can't get up and move around. He wears it to school every day. We had his 'handle' engraved on it at his request, making it extra personal and cool.

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