Worldly disc bottle-opener stainless steel pendant with cord

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To most people, this stainless steel disc will simply be an abstract-patterned pendant, but the opening of the disc is actually a functioning bottle-opener, and the pattern is actually a map in homage to the birthplace of one of fifteen well-loved brews. You can open your beer, and look good doing it!

Choose from the following maps:
A - Leuven, Belgium birthplace of Stella Artois
B - Dublin, Ireland birthplace of Guinness
C - Mexico City, Mexico birthplace of Corona
D - Burton upon Trent, UK birthplace of Bass
E - Amsterdam, Netherlands birthplace of Heineken
F - Bremen, Germany birthplace of Beck's
G - Groenlo, Netherlands birthplace of Grolsch
H - Newcastle upon Tyne, UK birthplace of Newcastle
I - Hong Kong birthplace of Tsingtao
J - Melbourne, Australia birthplace of Foster's
K - Plzeň, Czech Republic birthplace of Pilsner Urquell
L - Tokyo, Japan birthplace of Asahi
M - Jupille-sur-Meuse, Belgium birthplace of Jupiler
N - Vigevano, Italy birthplace of Peroni
O - Köln, Germany birthplace of Kölsch

Each pendant comes on a hand-knotted waxed cotton cord that can adjust from approximately 20" to 32" in length.

Size: About 1.75" dia x 1/16" thick

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