Text bubble whale tab pendant

# text-whale

Love texting? (Or know someone who does?) You might recognize the shape of these playful little tumble-finished stainless steel pendants as the speech bubbles often used for text messaging, and with the right characters, these speech bubbles become cute little whales.

Choose from one of 6 different faces:
1- basic face .____.
2 - asterisk eyes *____*
3 - smiley eyes ^____^
4 - googly eyes 0____0
5 - dizzy eyes @___@
6 - knocked out eyes x____x

You'll also need to let us know if you'd like the tail on the left (L) or on the right (R), and if you'd like a bow ∞.

Size: 1.25" w x ~5/8" h

Price listed is for one pendant only. Add a chain from the pulldown menu. Note: pendant is not removable from steel wire choker, but can be removed from the sterling silver chain. Bail hole is 2.5 mm in diameter.

Choose your whale's face design:*
Add a chain
Direction of tail?*
Add a bow ∞ to your whale?*
Gift-giving options
Price: $59.00

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