Patterned floral washi small capsule pendants

# small-pw-pat

This stainless steel pendant features an inlay of washi (Japanese for 'paper') with a stylized floral pattern. Choose from:
A - Green
B - Blue
C - Coral
D - Tan

This graphic pattern shows the intricacies and details achieved in the silkscreening process. This type of washi, called chiyogami, was commonly used in origami for folding tiny paper kimonos. Expect slight variations due to cropping.

Size: 5/8" x 7/8" x 3/16"

Please choose the color before submitting your order.

The paper inlay is protected by a layer of acrylic.
Price listed is for one pendant only. Add a chain with the pulldown menu.

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Price: $90.00

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