Giveaway | December’s Facebook Fan (& blog!) giveaway

In the past, we’ve done a Facebook-based giveaway where we would giveaway a product to one of our Facebook fans. We’re changing it up a bit since Facebook revised its rules for running promotions on fan pages.  No longer are we allowed to give something away for your fanship.  In fact, the rules clearly state that if we do run a promotion or giveaway through or fan page, we’ll need to do so through a 3rd-party aplication box or tab and that all contests must be approved by a Facebook account rep at least 7 days prior to the start date of such a promotion.

In order to comply with these rules, we’ve decided to announce the giveaways on our Facebook page, and just have you comment on our Giveaway blog post (which is this!)

So, to be eligible to win this month’s prize of the round washi necklace of your choice, just let us know by commenting on this post with a descriptive phrase that you think describes our jewelry.  (For example, one we use sometimes is ‘simple, yet modern’).

You can comment as many times as you’d like until December 31st at noon EST. Each comment counts as one entry, providing that your comments have a different descriptive phrase each time.

Good luck!  We’ll make the draw on New Year’s Eve, December 31st. :)

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122 Responses to “Giveaway | December’s Facebook Fan (& blog!) giveaway”

  1. Kim DeGuzman says:

    Modern yet timeless

  2. Bonnie Day says:


  3. carolyn mehdi says:

    Love the necklace – very chic

  4. Amie Mattson says:

    Modern and timeless

  5. Caryn says:

    chic and sleek

  6. CarrieO says:

    Exotic and modern all in one.

  7. CarrieO says:

    Playful, yet precious

  8. CarrieO says:

    Striking and unique

  9. CarrieO says:

    Graphic and gorgeous

  10. Tara says:

    Modern and sleek.

  11. Architectural and modern!

  12. Karen says:

    Soul, expressed through steel

  13. Karen says:

    Charmingly exotic

  14. Karen says:

    Detailed and sophisticated…

  15. Kate says:

    Understated beauty.

  16. Kate says:

    Simple perfection.

  17. CarrieO says:

    Charming and irresistible!

  18. simplicity, symmetry, style

  19. Elaine says:

    Smart and simple

  20. CarrieO says:

    Delightfully different!

  21. CarrieO says:

    Original and intriguing.

  22. CarrieO says:

    Simple, yet completely enchanting.

  23. Lindsay says:

    You become a walking gallery when you showcase one of these brilliantly beautiful works of art.

  24. Heidi Hess says:

    Simple and sweet!

  25. Tracey Byram says:

    Modern and eyecatching

  26. Quanda D. says:

    Unique and elegant!

  27. nicole says:

    charming and elegant

  28. Cat G says:

    Something for everyone

  29. Cat G says:

    goes with everything!

  30. Cat G says:

    unique and casual

  31. Cindi says:

    Jewelry that makes a statement all its’ own!
    thanks, Cindi

  32. Cindi says:

    Happy Holidays! A unique and eclectic collection of jewelry with a touch of nature…..Thanks, Cindi

  33. Bonnie Day says:


  34. Kimberly B. says:

    I would say your jewelry is elegant yet funky! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  35. brenna says:

    I adore your work! The metal monsters as well as the beautiful pendants. Wow. I’m really a fan.

  36. Kris says:


  37. Martha S. says:

    BC jewelry is a joy to wear!

  38. Martha S. says:

    The perfect present!!

  39. Aimee says:

    Sleek and stunning

  40. Martha S. says:

    Stunning! I always get lots of comments when I wear my BC pendants!

  41. Rizwan says:

    Really unique and modern! I like this a lot

  42. Chris says:

    Colourful and streamline.

  43. Chris says:

    Fabulous and contemporary.

  44. Chris says:

    Unique and modern.

  45. Martha S. says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  46. Heidi Hess says:

    Fresh and fabulous!

  47. Martha S. says:

    Worth every penny!

  48. Nancy R says:


  49. Martha S. says:

    Just beautiful!

  50. Martha S. says:

    Sultry Steel!

  51. Chris Baltzley says:

    Clean and distinctive -
    I love the washi and Nepali paper pendants.

  52. Myra Patton says:

    Beautiful and Classy. Can hardly wait to get one for Christmas!

  53. Aimee says:

    Highly anticipated (especially since mine’s in the mail!)

  54. Kim DeGuzman says:

    Sleek and timeless

  55. Martha S. says:

    I love the Blend Creations jewlery because it’s so unique!

  56. Martha S. says:

    Sweet and sassy!

  57. I can only take that as the best compliment ever. :)

  58. amanda says:

    My red sea fossil pendant was called “overtly sexual” today!

  59. Judy says:

    Eye catching and beautiful, yet perfect for a woman on the go!

  60. Cynthia says:


  61. Lynda says:

    Edgy and clean, yet feminine and fun

  62. Aimee says:

    Fun and fashionable.

  63. JW says:

    Beautiful design, timeless.

  64. Shannon says:

    Modern stylish metal art

  65. Amy says:

    clean lines with a burst of color

  66. Martha S. says:

    Blend Creations jewelry is something completely different and will definitely get the “WOW!” comments!

  67. Martha S. says:


  68. Shannon says:

    Hip, mod metal art.

  69. MG says:

    Flirty, fun, fabulous

  70. Amber says:

    Gorgeous with anything.

  71. Sarah H. says:

    Traditional grace with a contemporary twist.

  72. amanda says:

    ordinary materials elevated to the extraordinary

  73. Martha S. says:

    Cold (steel) but Hot (look!)

  74. Courtney says:

    Sharp, modern designs with a touch of whimsy

  75. Courtney says:

    Sleek and elegant!

  76. Ester says:

    I love it! Magical juwelry

  77. Michele P. says:

    colorful and unique!

  78. Stephanie says:

    Subtle and tasteful allure

  79. Stephanie says:

    Restrained elegance and polished delicacy.

  80. Lorna says:

    stylish and unique ftw =)

  81. Mindy Blair says:

    love the colors

  82. Erica says:

    Modern wearable architecture.

  83. Erica says:

    Style and nature, transformed.

  84. Lesley says:

    Fun yet professional

  85. Lesley says:

    modern yet classic

  86. amanda costen says:

    Cool style, warm design

  87. lace says:

    everyday artistry

  88. Stephanie says:

    Simple unique refinement.

  89. Kara Howard says:

    I LOVE those necklaces! They’re really beautiful and unique. I really want one!

  90. Wow — these are all great, but I gotta say Jeff’s comment is one that we might just have to quote! Thanks everyone!

  91. Jeff Hansen says:

    Timeless beauty.

  92. Aimee says:


  93. ashley says:

    unique and modern!

  94. Kristi Park says:

    beautiful and unique

  95. Martha S. says:

    Fun and Classy!

  96. Val says:

    I love your simple and totally unique designs. I can’t wait to get my Metals 4 Monsters make your own necklace!

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