Giveaway | March giveaway: Twitter necklaces

Update: Please see below for new restrictions to entering this giveaway.
Update 3/28: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for all your entries!

Congrats to our February giveaway winner, Aimee M. who has won a threesie Daisy Chain necklace! (We randomly drew from all the blog comments from our February giveaway blog post and came up with the number 12 which corresponded to Aimee’s comment).

As Aimee says:

Love the daisy chain! I think I’d have to keep it for myself. I’d love a necklace representing my little family – September, April, and May.

For our March giveaway, we’re mixing things up a little bit. We’re doing our first ever, Twitter giveaway!

Appropriately enough, we’ll be giving away our personalized Twitter handle necklaces — the winner will choose either the @ necklace or the birdie necklace. And there will be a winner every Monday in the month of March!

Here’s how to enter:

1) Follow: @blendcreations on Twitter.

2) Tweet the following in its entirety:

I’d like to win a @blendcreations #twitternecklace Tweet for your chance to win. Details:

UPDATE: New limitation to the giveaway, effective Sunday, Marcy 13 9:50 EDT — You cannot tweet more than ONCE PER HOUR, otherwise you will be disqualified from this giveaway.

The fine print:

The giveaway is open to all residents of Canada and the US. You can tweet as often as you’d like — so long as it is no more than once per hour. We will be drawing one winner every Monday at noon Eastern Time in March from all the tweets received from the previous week.

Winners will be contacted by direct message (DM) through Twitter, so you must follow @blendcreations for us to be able to contact you. We’ll announce the name of the winner each week by Tuesday after he/she has confirmed.

Good luck!

(P.S. If you can’t wait to see if you’re a winner, you can use the promo code “TweetTweet” until 3/31 to get 15% off your order! Or if you’ve won after you’ve already purchased a Twitter handle necklace, we’ll refund your purchase :)

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83 Responses to “Giveaway | March giveaway: Twitter necklaces”

  1. I love these necklaces!!! Thank you :)

  2. @motherlyllove says:

    @Motherlyllove follows @blendcreations, and loves those necklaces… :)

  3. RBM says:

    @blendcreations follower on twitter (@daddykulit)

  4. Awww these are so cute! Wants – badly!

    I follow and am tweeting! Good luck to everyone!

  5. Kinga says:

    Followed and tweeted!

  6. Love your designs. Already following and tweeted :)

  7. Linda Peters says:

    Follow and Tweeted.
    They are both so beautiful. Not sure which one I would pick!!!

  8. kari says:

    followed and tweeted

  9. Cindi says:

    Greetings! I follow you on Twitter. (cmh512)
    I am tweeting as much as I have the time to…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  10. Diane Vescio says:

    @dianetowin from twitter – Is it OK that I tweeted that i would LOVE to win one of these necklaces? They are so cute!!!!! I WANT ONE!!!

  11. Patricia H says:

    This is the cutest necklace! what a great idea!!
    gonna follow and tweet!

  12. Tooth Fairy says:

    @toothfairycyber Follows @blendcreations on Twitter.

  13. Toni Moore says:

    What a cute idea, really love those!!! I’m following and tweeting as @VectoringMomm
    Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  14. Angie E says:

    Love em!!

  15. Paula P says:

    I found you through the twitter contest! Your pieces are lovely. The chic geek, photo pendants and the pressed flowers are my fav. so nice. Thanks for the chance. tweeting as @ivannawin

  16. susie lee wiener says:

    tweeted your message as sherri2345 here!/sherri2345/status/47812797731577856


  17. susie lee wiener says:

    twitter follower of yours as sherri2345.


  18. its3Princes4me says:

    follower & tweeter, now to decide which twitter logo to choose, fingers crossed would love one!

  19. LCruz says:

    I follow you on twitter :) & tweeted..

  20. Amy C says:

    I Follow: @blendcreations on Twitter.

  21. melanie says:

    My pleasure to be part of your group. twitter

  22. Pam @writewrds says:

    Just tweeted. Love your work! It’s striking!

  23. C wilson says:

    super cute! Thanks for the giveaway….following and tweeted!

  24. Gwen says:

    I absolutely love these necklaces – Coolest thing I have seem in a long time!!

  25. Great contest! I love entering every month and so happy to see you’ll be drawing 1 a week! :) *fingers crossed*

  26. nancy reid says:

    I follow and tweeted ! necklace is so cute. Love the twitter peep

  27. I follow both on twitter & facebook
    I tweeted the entry
    & told lots of people about them @TweetstockCA

  28. Angela says:

    done, and done! :)

  29. Paula says:

    You know I love your Twitter necklace. I hope to win one of course but if not, I’m going to buy one. Look for my order after the contest ’cause I don’t win contests…ever LOL.

  30. Been following a while!

    Tweeted :)

  31. Kimberly says:

    Great stuff! Tweeting about the Twitter Necklace!

  32. These are SUPER cute!

  33. Donna says:

    OMG these are just to cute… I’m following and tweeting :)

  34. I just tweeted it :)

  35. I love your giveaways!!

  36. Hana says:

    Done and Done :)

  37. Shannon says:

    First Tweet EVAR!

  38. Ann B says:

    I tweeted and I already follow :)

  39. Vivian & Eric says:

    Ahh — such is the price of the giveaway ;) But the promo code is there for those who feel a little Tweet-shy. ;)

  40. Vivian & Eric says:

    These necklaces are meant for Twitter handles, so we’ve made it a Twitter giveaway this month. You could always sign up for an account at

  41. Melissa says:

    What if you *love* blend creations (& follow them on Twitter), but would feel like a dork tweeting that ;)? I may have to stick with the 15% off…

  42. Kristy says:

    What if you don’t have a twitter? Will this be available for facebook fans as well?

  43. cranepuffin says:

    Love this giveaway but love all of your jewelry more!

  44. Victoria Rose says:

    Way cute charms…necklaces…

  45. Elaine A says:

    Just followed as @TOBeautyReviews and tweeted!!!!!!

  46. OMG these are adorable! I just followed as @CurlsPearls and will follow under my other account too! What a great idea!

  47. Krista G says:

    I am already a follower and just tweeted. I love the look of these. You may convince me to wear a necklace yet!! :)

  48. vicky says:

    already a follower and will tweet too. Awesome contest. Awesome creations

  49. Sara says:

    Already a follower! Just tweeted now fingers crossed :)

  50. MamaRobinJ says:

    Just discovered you through this contest. So cool! Love your stuff. Have entered.

  51. Vivian & Eric says:

    You can sign yourself up for a Twitter account — It’s free :)

  52. Lori says:

    Don’t use twitter :( , I guess I can’t enter?

  53. Pam @writewrds says:

    I love these. I’m following and tweeting ASAP. : )

  54. Gwen says:

    OMG – I soooo need to get one of these – they are so cute!!

  55. Vivian & Eric says:

    Thanks Natalie!

  56. Great timing! Love your stuff!!

  57. @MyaSharona says:

    Whoo. Seeing as i found you via twitter, what an appropriate contest to enter! I know i will be tweeting. :D Good luck everyone!

  58. Alyssa says:

    I follow on twitter & tweeted!

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