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Shop news | Make Your Own Monster for Mom: Use your mad drawing skillz, get your own custom pendant

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Blend Creations and the authors of Celebrate Green!, (a book about creating eco-savvy holidays, celebrations and traditions for the whole family) are teaming up to celebrate Mother’s Day by offering the opportunity for anyone to submit a drawing that could end up on one of our Metal for Monsters stainless steel pendants along with a copy of the book Celebrate Green!.

We’ll be  giving away two custom-designed Metal for Monsters line goes to support UNICEF, the international children’s charity. Each person will also receive a copy of the book Celebrate Green! Creating Eco-Savvy Holidays, Celebrations and Traditions for the Whole Family.

Professional and amateur artists of all ages (that includes your kids!) are welcome to participate in this open call. Between February 26th and March 17, 2009, submit your artwork using this PDF template.

The template can either be digitally altered/scanned and sent to us electronically at, or simply drawn on and faxed to us at 1.888.563.9220.  Make sure to include your e-mail address on your entry!

All submissions will be posted in galleries on the Blend Creations / Metal for Monsters and Celebrate Green! websites.  From March 18-April 7, anyone can vote for their favorite submission. (Be sure to invite your friends to vote too!) The artist who has submitted the most popular work of art will receive their own Make Your Own pendant with their art on it.  We will also randomly choose one of the voters to receive a pendant with the same art. Winners will be announced on April 8.

Obligatory Fine Print:
All artwork remains the property of the artist – we will not sell, distribute or reproduce the artwork except for viewing on the gallery pages and for production as a pendant for the winning artist and the randomly chosen voter of the most popular art submission.  If you submit artwork for this open call, you, as the artist, have the option to purchase a Make Your Own pendant with your art, but we will not sell your art on a pendant without your express permission.

We reserve the right to reject submissions that we deem offensive or inappropriate. Corporate logos and artwork protected by copyright and not produced by you will also be rejected.

Please keep in mind that at the final size some details may be too fine to resolve. Be sure to check out other Metal for Monsters pendants to see what works well. The production process for these pendants cannot represent greyscale — it must be either black or white.