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Giveaway | April’s winner and our May jewelry giveaway

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

First off, the winner of our QR code pendant from our April giveaway!

We randomly drew a number between 1-75 (there were 73 comments on the giveaway post and I had mistakenly linked the wrong blog post in one of my tweets about the giveaway so we included the three comments on that blog post as well).

Congratulations to 27th blog commenter, Grace:

May giveaway: A personalized Connection necklace

For the month of May, we’ll be giving away one of our Connection necklaces, personalized with engraving!

To enter, comment below and tell us:

1) Your name and the recipient for this modern necklace. (It can be yourself).

2) Let us know how many rings (1-9) you’d want for the necklace.

3) Which birth months would you have represented and what word or name would you have engraved on each ring?  We’ll be showing preview images of the necklaces on our Facebook page, so please list them in the order you’d like them to appear, like this:
1 – May, “Angelina”
2 – June, “Christopher”
3 –  September, “Brody”  etc.

You may comment once per recipient (i.e. you can enter one comment per person that you think should receive the necklace — once for yourself, once for you sister, once for your best friend, etc.).  We will draw randomly from all the comments received on Wednesday June 1st at noon EDT, but if the comment doesn’t have all the above answered, we will re-draw.  Good luck!