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Shop news | New products! American & Canadian brews & #hashtag pendant

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

We’ve just added a couple of new products to the store! Ever since we released the Worldly bottle-opener pendants, we’ve had requests to do both an American series and a Canadian series. Here’s the American series featuring the maps to the birthplaces of ten different microbrews:

Here’s the Canadian series with maps to the birthplaces of seven different brewery birthplaces:

We’ve also added a #hashtag tab pendant (in the same style as our ‘at’ symbol twitter pendant):

It’s one of many products in our ‘geek chic’ collection of products and great for someone you know who’s a Twitter fanatic :)


Sneak peek | Work in progress: Labyrinth pendant

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

When we design new products, they always start with a sketch, then a production drawing and often a plastic prototype to get a good sense of what the piece will feel like physically.

We’re currently working on a Labyrinth pendant which would include a little maze marker that you can actually move. (Of course, the final product would be made of stainless steel and not plastic),

While the prototype isn’t nearly as robust as the final product would be, it’s already a lot of fun to play with!


Giveaway | May’s winner and June jewelry giveaway

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Today at noon (ET) we randomly drew from all the comments entered in the May drawing for a Connection family necklace.  Lucky #23 (out of 213 entries) was Deborah’s comment:

She’s won herself this lovely necklace with her grandchildren’s names:

Congrats Deborah!

This month, we’ll be giving away one of our latest designs: our Honeycomb pendant, that also serves as a wrench in a pinch! (It’s currently available for pre-order for 25% off the retail price, and we’ll ship it to you with a $10 gift certificate. It’s handy enough that if you do pre-order, you can gift one to a friend, or we’ll refund your purchase price).

To enter, just tell us:

1) Your name.

2) Who would you give the Honeycomb pendant to, or would you keep it for yourself?

3) What other sort of item (useful or frivolous) would you like to see turned into a piece of jewelry?

Please, only one entry per person. We will draw randomly from all the comments received on Monday July 4th at noon EDT, but if the comment doesn’t have all the above answered, we will re-draw.  Good luck!

Store News & Giveaway | New website launched!

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

It’s been many months in the making, but the new version of is now up and running. With this new design, we hope to make shopping for our contemporary jewelry designs that much easier!

Some of the new site features include:

1. Shopping by Occasion or by Recipient

We’ve had feedback that it would be helpful to shoppers looking for modern jewelry gift ideas to have curated collections of items that would make appropriate gifts.  So now, if you’re looking for recommendations for birthday gifts, gifts for him or gifts for your wedding party, we’ve selected some popular items that are sure to please!

2. We now accept credit card payments in both US and Canadian Dollars directly through our website

In the past, Canadians had to be e-invoiced to pay in CAD.  Canadians can now pay for orders directly through our secure website with Visa or Mastercard.  Just make sure that you’ve selected CAD as your currency before checking out!

3. Reorganized the site to show more contemporary jewelry items per page

You’ll notice that the new site also groups related items together. For example, all the Cherry blossoms necklaces can be ordered from the same page. We’ve also added a “You May Also Like” column to show you related items to every product.

4. Other contemporary jewelry gift-giving options

Our Sweet Surprises with our paper-inlay pendants proved to be popular enough that we’ve expanded the Sweet Surprises line-up to include Torus necklace surprises and Engraved Wood pendant surprises. We’ve also added the option to send gift certificates by mail in addition to sending them by e-mail. Each gift certificate is accompanied by a greeting card with your message.

5. You can leave a Customer Review

Our new website now has the option for you to let us know what you think of your modern necklace, pendant or other jewelry piece.  Just click on any item, and you’ll notice an area at the bottom of the page where you can rate it out of 5 stars and leave a little write-up.  Your feedback will then help prospective customers to decide on their next purchase!

And Finally… The May-June giveaway!

And here’s where this month’s giveaway comes in! Because of all the website updating, we’ve been tardy in announcing the May giveaway. For this month’s giveaway, we’re giving away a Sweet Surprise of the winner’s choice.

To enter this month’s giveaway, we’d like you to test-drive our Customer Review feature and leave us a product review for an item you own or an item you covet. You’ll get one entry per product review and you can submit a maximum of five reviews per person.

We’ll draw from all the customer reviews we receive from now until June 30, 2010 at noon EDT. Good luck!

Giveaway | February’s Facebook Fan (& blog!) giveaway

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Quartet family necklace

We’re pleased to announce that after all the sneak peeks on our Facebook page, our Connection necklaces are now available in the store. The Connection necklaces are our modern interpretation of a ‘family’ necklace — a ring for each family member with a colored Swarovski crystal accent to represent their birth month. (The quartet necklace on the above represents the months of May, June, September and October).

Or… you can customize a necklace based on your fashion sensibilities and the colors you love!  Just check out some examples below:

Quintet connection necklace

Septet connection necklace

Our single solo necklace also makes a sweet birthday gift — just choose the Swarovski crystal accent for the corresponding birth month and you’re done! :)

Solo connection necklace

Now that you’re acquainted with our Connection necklaces, hopefully you’ll be glad to hear that we’re giving one away as this month’s Facebook/blog giveaway!

Enter to win by telling us:  
Who would you give a connection necklace to, or would it be for yourself?  What would your connection necklace be (i.e. how many rings and what color accents) and what/who would it represent?

One entry per person, and we’ll be drawing for the winner at noon EST on March 1st.  Good luck!

Giveaway | January’s Facebook Fan (& blog!) giveaway

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

First off, Happy New Year!  We’re back in the swing of things and doing our first giveaway of the year.

Congrats to Martha S., blog commenter-extraordinaire who won last month’s giveaway of a round washi necklace. Martha chose this lovely modern necklace.

This month, we’re giving away something of your favourite colour!


To enter, comment below with your answer to:

· What is your favourite colour and why? and

· Get a bonus entry if you show us the outfit that you’d like to wear your with your new jewelry piece if you win. (You can do this by linking to your Flickr account or other photo hosting site, your blog, a photo in your Facebook photo album, or you can even create an outfit with Polyvore and link to it).

· One entry per person — if you are linking to an outfit photo, please include the link in your comment.

We’ll randomly choose from all the entries, and pick one winner on Monday, February 1st at noon (EST).  The winner will pick one jewelry piece from a selection of three jewelry pieces of our choosing.  (The three jewelry pieces will be in the winner’s favourite colour and/or complement their outfit).

Mention | Itty Biz’s 2009 Gift Guide

Sunday, December 6th, 2009


Naomi Dunford of Itty Biz posted her annual Gift Guide and kindly mentioned Blend CreationsMetal for Monsters line.  Thanks Naomi!

Giveaway | December’s Facebook Fan (& blog!) giveaway

Monday, November 30th, 2009

In the past, we’ve done a Facebook-based giveaway where we would giveaway a product to one of our Facebook fans. We’re changing it up a bit since Facebook revised its rules for running promotions on fan pages.  No longer are we allowed to give something away for your fanship.  In fact, the rules clearly state that if we do run a promotion or giveaway through or fan page, we’ll need to do so through a 3rd-party aplication box or tab and that all contests must be approved by a Facebook account rep at least 7 days prior to the start date of such a promotion.

In order to comply with these rules, we’ve decided to announce the giveaways on our Facebook page, and just have you comment on our Giveaway blog post (which is this!)

So, to be eligible to win this month’s prize of the round washi necklace of your choice, just let us know by commenting on this post with a descriptive phrase that you think describes our jewelry.  (For example, one we use sometimes is ‘simple, yet modern’).

You can comment as many times as you’d like until December 31st at noon EST. Each comment counts as one entry, providing that your comments have a different descriptive phrase each time.

Good luck!  We’ll make the draw on New Year’s Eve, December 31st. :)

New products | Stainless steel rings with inlays and “Make Your Own” custom pendants

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

We’ve just added our newest product to our online jewelry store; stainless steel rings complete with some beautiful inlays:

Stainless steel rings by Blend Creations

They’re good for both men and women (as both of us wear them), and are available in sizes 5-10 in half-size increments.

Also, we just added “Make Your Own” Metal for Monsters pendants (in both wide and tall orientations).

We know there are plenty of creative types out there: people who doodle, or people who have kids that make wonderful drawings that parents would love to show off, or perhaps you just want to make your Roscharch/palm print ink blot masterpiece.

Whatever the case, you can do it on our ‘small canvas for a big cause‘.  To make your own Metal for Monster pendant, just download this PDF, create, and send it back to us either by email or fax (full instructions are on the PDF).  You can sign it on the back, or write a special message, or even put another little doodle.  We’ll send you back a mock-up for your review before it gets produced, and then you’ll get your very own completely custom, laser-etched stainless steel pendant.  All that, and $16 from the sale price will still go to UNICEF.  Pretty cool, eh? :)